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Tech Guidance

Four tips for installation of hydraulic cylinder
2014-02-19 10:13:22

Four tips for installation of hydraulic cylinder

Opening : It is prohibited to remove the opening plug before assembly as gasified rust preventative is sealed in hydraulic cylinder. If the plug is removed,please install it on the main body immediately and fill the hydraulic cylinder with oil.


Rust prevention: After the hydraulic cylinder being mounted onto the main body,and if the piston rod extends outside,please coat the external part of piston rod with grease.


Speed: For hydraulic cylinder with general specification, the service lift will be impacted when the speed exceeds 2m/s .For the circumstance setting 0.3m/s as stroke death point,it is recommended to install a buffer device for protection and safety. All of our hydraulic cylinders are installed the buffer that our company has independent research patent.It greatly protect the hydraulic cylinder from being impacted when closing.Besides,when the hydraulic cylinder stops,take circuitry into consideration to avoid large impact. In order to increase return quantity,pay special attention of circuitry design. For 0.5m/min low speed operation,negotiation is needed as the movement will be impacted(especially for vibration.)

 hydraulic cylinder shock-absorber

Operation: The air in the hydraulic cylinder should be fully discharged at the beginning of operation. As for residuals ,the air should be eliminated at a low speed operation.If the residual air in hydraulic cylinder is impacted by abrupt clamp pressure,the seal ring will be damaged due to the effect of diesel oil. Besides,if vacuum pressure is generated in the cylinder during movement,abnormity will be caused by air eroding effect.

hydraulic cylinder

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