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Dump truck?s hydraulic cylinder
2012-11-01 11:14:07

Dump truck?s hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder is a kind of component that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Input of hydraulic cylinder are flow and pressure of fluid?Output is the speed and force of linear motion. The piston of hydraulic cylinder can complete the straight line reciprocating movement.lineardisplacement of output is limited.Hydraulic cylinder is energyconversing device that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy of reciprocating linear motion. The hydraulic cylinder basicallyconsistsof cylinder tube?cover head, piston, piston rod, sealing device, buffer device and air exhausting device.Buffer device and exhaust device are depended on the specific working condition and other devices arenecessary.

Dump truck?s hydraulic cylinder

hydraulic cylinder is composed with five parts.

1?the cylinder and the cover head 2?piston and piston rod 3?sealing device 4?buffer device 5?air exhausting device.

The operating principle of the dump truck hydraulic cylinder:

let’s illustrate its operating principle by a hand jack.Manual pressurization stem(Hydraulic hand pump)to make hydraulic oilthrough a one-way valve then into the cylinder.At this time the hydraulic oil which gets into the oil cylinder can not get back because the valve is one-way. , Then it will force the cylinder rod move upward.Then keep working to make the hydraulic oil continue to get into the hydraulic cylinder.So cylinder rodwill continuously rising.The way of drop the cylinder rod is open the hydraulic valve, let the hydraulic oil back to the oil tank.

The material of dump truck cylinder:The raw material of hydraulic cylinder is generally seamless steel tube.The Textures of material is silicon manganese. The limited pressure of dump truck cylinder’s piston is 16 Mpa. The cylinder stroke’s range is from 3830mm to 8000mm.

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