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About Us



Company  Profile

Founded in the year of 2001, Liuzhou Shuangji Machinery Co., Ltd.is one of the leading professional manufacturers of hydraulic products. We are located in Liuzhou, which is the largest production base of Automobile and Auto parts in Southwest of China. We started to produce the Hydraulic products in 2009. Our factory covers 33.8 acres, with standard workshops more than 15,000 square meters. Now we have  advanced processing machines including machining center, CNC lathe machine, Robot welding equipment, laser cutting machine, cylinder boring machine, cylinder turning center, plasma cutting machine? bending and punching machine etc. We keep improving the quality management system. Now we have got the certification of IATF 16949.


Under the Grand  of SHANGJI, at present we have hydraulic Tail lift,Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders, KRM lifting system series, wing box hydraulic system, arm roll system, kinds of  truck body etc. Meanwhile we can produce machining products for our customers as their special requirement.


As a team with innovation and vitality, we are specializing in developing, manufacturing, sales and after sales service of Hydraulic products. With the tenet of "Rigorous, Pragmatic, and Creative", we make a huge investment to introduce our advanced hydraulic technology at home and abroad. Till now, we have successfully exported to Southeast Asia, European and American countries, Middle East, Africa and Australia etc. Meanwhile we supply our products to domestic famous factories such as DFAC?FAW &OVM. Our products have been accepted by the markets and customers since the high quality and reasonable price.


Address:No. 20 Bei Er Road, Sifang Area, Chuan Shan Town, Liujiang District, Liuzhou, Guangxi, China

Tel: +86 772 3256705                

Email: sales@lzsjm.com           Web:www.ymlp173.com

For more information, please visit our website at  www.ymlp173.com

Basic Information

  • Business Type:

    manufacturer, trading company
  • Product Service:

    KRM lifting system series ,Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders ,engineering plant,Hydraulic Jacks for Prestressed equipment and machines,spare parts etc.
  • Company Registered:

  • Employee Number:

  • Brand:

  • Certification:

    ISO/TS 16949:2009
  • Annual Turnover:

  • Export Percentage:

  • Factory Location:

    No. 1, North Sifang No. 2 road, Xinxing industry zone, Liuzhou, Guangxi, China