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Home > News > Shanghai international commercial vehicle and spare parts Exhibition 2014


Shanghai international commercial vehicle and spare parts Exhibition 2014
2014-02-09 17:22:02

Shanghai international commercial vehicle and spare parts Exhibition 2014

                            June 15th to 17th ,2014

                 Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Convention Center


In the recent decade, China Automobile markets keep developing very rapidly and have come into a very mature and perfect system. Meanwhile, the domestic automobile exhibitions have great progress in quantity and quality. The professional exhibition is the essential way for the enterprises to upgrade the image and well-knowness, introduce the new products and technology, also develop the business.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in southwest of China. Our main products are KRM hydraulic lifting system, telescopic hydraulic cylinders, engineering hydraulic cylinders and spare parts of hydraulic cylinder etc. We will show our main products in the exhibition. Our booth number is No. 101 and 106 in Hall 1. Warmly welcome your visiting our booth!

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